About 3C Wealth

About 3C Wealth Partners

Founded in 2006, 3C Wealth Partners has been actively helping businesses, families, and individuals make the best financial decisions and enrich their commercial and life prospects.

We borrow the 3Cs in our brand mission from Tom Friedman, global journalist and author. We believe the 21st century advisor needs to:

  • Compete for global solutions
  • Connect meaningfully with their clients and community, and
  • Collaborate with extraordinary resources


We do all these to pursue, create, and protect our clients’ life goals.

Our 3C Wealth Partners Team

Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Life is all about choices (and a sense of humanity and humour). Growing up the son of a travelling professional hockey player, my family instilled in me that you could always choose your path and how to define your goals…and that you should never underestimate “Who Luck”: being lucky enough to meet the right who at the right time.

Growing up with Toronto as a home base and moving through University, one of the first “who’s” I was lucky to meet introduced me to the idea of pursuing higher education in a little place called Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Falling in love with the town, Acadia University and the area, it has become my home for the last 30 years.

The choice to find and pursue a profession in giving financial advice came next and 25 years later (and much “who luck” that followed), we have built a wonderful practice of meaningful relationships with clients and their families as they pursue their own financial and life goals.

Of course, being married to an entrepreneur and having 4 children navigating their way through their own life choices has contributed greatly to my understanding of the trade-offs my clients are constantly seeking advice around.

I tell new clients that when they meet with me for advice, they have an opportunity to resource the collective wisdom of the hundreds of professionals, business owners and families I have sat with over the years. Now that’s what I call Collaboration.

As I look down the road to the next 15 years of my career, I believe that our role in helping clients feel financially secure in the present and the future has never been more important.

Rodney Thibeau

Rodney Thibeau

Rodney Thibeau, financial security advisor, was born and raised in Petit de Grat, NS which is located on beautiful Isle Madame.  He and his wife Grace continue to reside in their home town along with their two beautiful daughters, Isabelle and Emilie.

In 2010, Rodney joined as partner of 3C Wealth and has been a financial advisor since 2003.  Over this time, he has developed strong client relationships.  His commitment to his clients and their financial success exceeds all expectations. Through direct, honest and comprehensible conversations, Rodney takes the time to understand each client’s financial situation as well as their future goals and offers solution options to help achieve those goals.

Rodney is also directly involved with senior advocacy.  He is the co-owner of Thibeau Properties, providing senior housing for those age 55+.  His commitment to his community and its members is further shown in his dedication as board member of the Richmond County Early Childhood Education Association as well as being board member of the finance committee for St Joseph’s Parish.

In his spare time, Rodney spends quality time with his family and friends, enjoys traveling and spending time at his property on the lake.

Jessica Farrell

Jessica Farrell

Jessica Farrell, Licensed marketing assistant, has been a part of the 3C Wealth team since 2015.  Having graduated from Nova Scotia Community Colleges Business Information Technology program and a background in office management and marketing, she was a welcomed asset.  Shortly after joining our team, Jessica successfully completed her life insurance and mutual fund licensing.

Jessica takes great pride in providing friendly, knowledgeable and efficient client services.  Over the years she has developed and maintained client relationships based on mutual trust, respect and the ability to make the administrative portion of financial planning as seamless as possible.  She continuously participates in professional development training in order to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Along with her husband, Chris, and her children, Ashton and Danee, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, reading, camping and taking part in community events.

Jennifer Dexter

Jennifer Dexter

Jennifer was born and raised in the Annapolis Valley.

After graduating from NKEC, she studied Tourism and Hospitality Management at NSCC, Akerley Campus. Upon her return to the Valley, she built her experience in customer service, administrative and management roles. In 2013, Jenn joined 3C Wealth Partners as a Client Service Manager. She provides clients with excellent customer service by always making time to answer their questions or research their requests for information. To further her support of our clients, she made the commitment to complete the coursework and successfully earned both her Life and Mutual Fund licenses in 2018. Away from the office, Jenn enjoys hiking and spending family time with her partner, Jeremy, and their two children, extended family and friends.